A Mildura property developer who was flying his own plane from Moorabbin to Mildura has crashed in a fireball short of the north south runway around 6.30pm Friday.

The Cessna 310 – which is normally hangered at Mildura – was attempting to land when it hit a power line and crashed into a vineyard.

The power line was a private one which extended from Dyar Avenue to a cool room on the property.

The plane became a fireball after impact and the fire burned for around 10 minutes before fire services arrived.

Witnesses said that the Cessna appeared to be spluttering as it began its approach before it hit a power line near the intersection of Dyar Avenue and 17th Streets,

The family of the deceased were at the crash site two hours after the plane went down.

The pilot of a twin engine Cessna 310 light plane has died after crashing nose first into vineyards and bursting into flames near Mildura, in north-western Victoria.

The Country Fire Brigade (CFA) said it received multiple reports of the crash about 6:30pm

It is understood the pilot was the only person on board and he died at the scene.

A Canadian couple on holiday in Mildura told the ABC that they were returning to their hotel when they saw the plane go down.

Pamela Sweet thought it must have been trying to land because it was flying low near the airport.

Her husband said the plane went "completely out of control, spun around and dove head first into the ground".

"All of a sudden it came along like it was going to land but then it just banked and went straight down," she said.

"My husband and I looked at each other, the plane crashed, right away there was a huge fireball that went up and we knew it was going to be bad."

The plane was registered to a company in Mildura and often flies between Mildura and Narrandera, where the deceased also had a business venture,

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is sending a team of three investigators to the scene on Friday.

The Cessna with the 57 year old Boeill Creek property developer as pilot had left Mildura for Moorrabin on Wednesday and was on its return trip when it crashed into the vineyard.

The area has been sealed off and the wreckage will rermain until the coronor makes an inspection of accident scene.

The deceased owner of the aircraft purchased the 1979 manufactured Cessna 310 twin piston engine aircraft in 2012. It was first registered in Australia in 1990.

Pictured: Australian Transport Safety Bureau investigators at the crash scene on Saturday afternoon.