Two fire units from Red Cliffs attended a power pole blaze at Red Cliffs at about 8.30pm on Monday night.

Two Red Cliffs Fire trucks arrived at the corner of Advocat Avenue and Moonah Street to find a transformer at the top of the pole on fire.

Flames were coming from the transformer box, which required that Powercor workers to shut off the power to the area so firemen could go into action.

A tank of foam was used in a bid to get the flames under control with Powercor workers helping firemen to bring the actual blaze under control.

A second tank of foam was needed before the transformer fire was halted.  Power was then restored to the Red Cliffs township area and surrounds.

Local residents were without power for about half an hour. in Red Cliffs itself but around one and a half hours in some other parts of the settlement.

Once Fireman left the scene around 10pm, Powercor workers began the task of repairing the transformer.