Top Australian female country music singer Sara Storer has been inducted into the Galaxy of Stars at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

The accolade is the latest for the artist, who grew up at Wemen and attended school at Robinvale.

This week at the Blazes venue at West Leagues Club, Storer shared the stage with her brother Greg Storer, a former Robinvale footballer.   Also brought on stage for an appearance was her niece Bonnie, who joined her father who was playing guitar with his sister.

The induction into the Galaxy of Stars was held Friday,  around the same time that Queensland singer Kalesti Butler was releasing her brand new album “Airborne”

The new album had its beginning at the Mildura Country Music Festival back in the year 2012 when one of the main tracks “Pump” was penned.

Pump was written by Kalesti Butler and her mum during lunch at the Mildura Country Musical Festival in 2012.

Mum and daughter were discussing song titles, concepts and ideas as they regularly do, when Kalesti spotted an old fuel bowser.

The title was born and the ladies created a heroine jillaroo whose job it is to check the water pumps around the property.

The song sings about the funny things that play on her mind that she may or may not see.

In 2015 when the singer again returned to the Mildura Country Music Festival she met up with BobKatz singer and producer Robert Mackay from Pacific International Music.

"I have Michael Bryers to thank for suggesting recording at the award-winning studio during a discussion at the 2015 Mildura Country Music Festival," Ms Butler said.

Airborne has 11 tracks and most were written with help from her mum Val, Roger Corbett, Kathy Dobson, Anita Ree, Felicity Urquhart and the remainder balanced out by Bob Wilson, Rain Perry, Lola Brinton, Kevin Bennett and Luke O’Shea.

The album takes the singer in a new direction and was launched at the South Tamworth Bowling Club Outback Stage.