The Australian Solo Speedway Championship ended sensationallybut in a confusing manner  with Brady Kurtz of Cowra declared the winner after scrapping into the A Final and being excluded by touching the tapes.

This reduced the A Final field to three and local Justin Sedgmen, who dropped only one point for the night, deliberated long and hard before taking the inside gate.

Max Fricke picked the outside gate, Sam Masters picked the gate alongside Sedgmen while B Final winner Brady Kurtz lined up in gate three..

The B Final had been a sensational event with Rohan Tungate charging around the outside after picking gate four, while Kurtz picked three,

Kurtz ran Tungate wide around the turn, forcing Tungate to switch to the inside going into the back straight and he had so much speed on the second corner that he lost control and hit the air fence causing a race stoppage.

Then Kurtz had to survive the toughest battle of his night when Nick Morris pressured him all the way with Kurtz getting to the line by a narrow margin.

It was an emotive Kurtz who took the B Final which kept his chance of winning the final being taken away from him by Masters.

In the final Sedgmen jumped to the lead and just edged Masters wider than he would like and this allowed Fricke to swoop around the outside to get into second place,.

After that there was no change to the order in the A Final as Sedgmen won from Fricke with Masters third.

If Masters had got to second he would have forced a run-off against Kurtz for the Australian title.
“I’ve dreamt of this since I was a kid and first started to ride,’ Kurtz said when accepting the trophy at the end of the night.

Several riders remonstrated about the result before the referee of the meeting handed down his decision that Kurtz, who had been excluded from the final for touching the tape, still secured a point for finishing fourth on the night, by coming from a B Final win and lining up at the tapes for the A Final.

The unlucky riders of the series were undoubtedly Justin Sedgmen and Rohan Tungate.

Sedgmen got only three points from one ride at Undera but was the most productive rider at both Gillman and at Mildura on Sunday night.

Tungate’s bad luck at Mildura continued with a tape exclusion in heat eight and his fall when leading in the B Final.

The series was so close that there was nothing in it between several riders after the Mildura heats.

Luck went with Kurtz when he fell on the first corner in heat 20 when Tungate was going past him but in the re-run Tungate did it again and with Kurtz getting second it pushed both riders into the B Final.

“I was happy to win at Mildura – that was my aim all along,” Sedgmen said. “I probably tried too hard at Kurri Kurri and Undera which are tracks I normally do not go well at.”

“It forced me into a couple of schoolboy errors I should have avoided,” he said.


14 pts – Justin Sedgmen 12pts Max Fricke, Sam Masters;  11pts Rohan Tungate, Brady Kurtz, Jack Holder, Nick Morris. 9pts  Ty Proctor,  7pts Josh Pickering 6pts Mason Campton, Jordan Stewart; 5pts Brodie Waters, 3 Kieran Sproule, Alan MacDonald, 1pt Josh MacDonald.


1 Brady Kurtz (Cowra) 55 pts

2- Sam Masters (NSW) 54 pts

3 – Max Fricke  (Vict)  52 pts

4 – Rohan Tungate (NSW) 51 pts

5 – Nick Morris (NSW)      48pts

6 – Justin Sedgmen (Mildura)  46pts

7 – Jack Holder (NSW)    42 pts

8 – Mason Campton (NSW) 36 pts

9- Ty Proctor (Victoria) 28 pts

10- Jordan Stewart (Mildura and Brodie Waters (Mildura) 23 pts

12- Josh Pickering (NSW)  18 pts

13- Alan McDonald (NSW()  13 pts

14 - Keiran Sproule (NSW)  12pts

15 – Josh Grajczonek (Qld)  7pts

16 – Cooper Riordan (Mildura) 7pts