MORE than 2000 Robinvale and Wemen properties lost power on about 9.30am after a power spike caused the grid to be shutdown and Powercor to repair the damage.

Powercor crews were working to restore the system with power after it was cut as a safety precaution, but there had already been quite a degree of damage across the Wemen and Robinvale area.

Computer systems at many major farms were badly damaged putting at risk millions of dollars of fruit and nut crops. Farm managers were desperately trying to replace damaged equipment to get their irrigation systems up and running as a hot spell approached, with water supply to the trees and vines being the focus of their initial repair work. 

Local power industry insiders hold major concern for the failing local and State power grid. The system is unable to cope with the available power being generated by local solar farms and is in desperate need up upgrading to ensure the region can maximise the solar potential.

Powercor is asking customers in the region to report any issues to 132 412.