Mildura Rural City Council's Citizen of the Year, Anne Webster, looks set to finally be declared elected in the Seat of Mallee on Friday when counting is expected to be finalised.

Independent Candidate, Ray Kingston, posted a statement on his website expressing concern that Serge Petrovich may win the seat. Kingston stated ...."However, as the count has progressed it’s become clear that many Mallee voters were anything but predictable and we find ourselves in a situation where there’s a chance that the Liberals could win this seat on preferences.

As someone who strongly believes we need our own local voice, I find this possibility very concerning. How can a candidate who barely turned up and who represents a party that shows us so little respect they don’t even preselect a local, be on the cusp of a win?

I’m not excited about the prospect of a Nationals victory, I genuinely believe we need change. But not at any cost. They at least ran a serious campaign with a candidate who lives here. Anything less than this was an insult to all of us."

The cross preferencing by the Independents and minor parties who had worked together in an effort to defeat the National Party at any cost almost backfired with Petrovich coming within 386 votes of creating a contest between the Nationals and the mostly absent Liberal.

Luckily for the Mallee there were enough clear thinkers to gain the best outcome for the electorate, electing a member entrenched in the community and one who will be a member of the Government.

Ms Webster has the opportunity to get to work immediately tackling issues like the Murray Basin Rail Project failure by the State Government.