Former Mayor Cr Glenn Milne voted against the Mildura Rural City Council rating Strategy 2019-23 at Wednesday night's meeting, claiming the rating system was broken and it is time the Government addressed the inequity between Rural and Regional Councils and the Metropolitan Region of the State.

Cr Milne stated that it was unfair for homeownersto pay the price of cuts to farmers claiming that people on low incomes didn't always live in cheaper houses as much as people with high incomes didn't always live in expensive houses.

Cr Milne said the taxation system was the best way to judge affordability and maybe rates should be part of the taxation system.

Cr Milne noted the size of the municipality, as big as Israel but with only 55,000 people. Milne said his vote ws a "protest vote" as there needed to be a better way.

Cr Milne acknowledged the plight of famers and said he understood the issue but didn't agree with jacking up rates in one sector to relieve another sector.

The motion was passed with only Cr Milne voting against the motion.