Mildura Mayor, Simon Clemence today slammed Ali Cupper today in a facebook page post, demanding that Cupper produce some funding for the South Mildura Sporting Centre.

The post said:

Ali Cupper Its Time to Step Up

I regard Ali Cupper MP as a friend and I support her but it's time for her to step up and show us what she's made of. The Mildura South Sporting Precinct is only two thirds funded, in fact not quite that, and most of the funding we do have came from the Liberal National Federal Government. From the efforts of the Nationals in particular. Even our own Council will stump up $8m. So where is our State MP's fire to get this situation more equitable. Where is the passion that we saw prior to the election to get this project to where it needs to be. The $3m input from our State Government is nominal. That very same State Government gave Morwell some $85m for a similar project without raising a drop of sweat. Yet we have significant social disadvantage like them and a need to be supported by our State representatives. This is a monkey on your back now Ali and the pressure is on you. I respect you and I trust you and so I say to you now, it's time to turn up the heat on this issue and show us why you were voted in.

Cr Simon Clemence
Mildura Rural City Council

Ali Cupper has been very vocal after the win by Anne Webster in the Federal Election, talking down the Coalition who have delivered hundereds of millions of dollars in funding to the Mallee. The challenge now is for Cupper to deliver the millions she indicate she could at election time. The community waits.