Nationals Candidate Anne Webster, who looks to have an unassailable lead for the Seat of Mallee, has shown a gracious and mature attitude to working with antiNational campaigner and Member for Mildura, Ali Cupper.

Cupper very publicly backed Jason Modica as her prefered candidate and urged voters to put her other "friend" last because "they(Nationals) now represent a failed brand". The election results showed the Nationals remain a strong force.

Cupper also badly misread the sentiment of Australians when suggesting there would be a change of government and stating that "....we don't need a safe-seat Opposition bankbencher."

Fate is funny thing with Anne Webster now looking set to have a seat in Federal Government with extremely strong support from her party after a solid campaign under difficult circumstances, with Cupper being the "backbencher".

It is now imperative for Ms Cupper to be independent of her own politics and seek the support of Anne Webster to give the Sunraysia region the best chance to benefit from Ms Webster's success and ability to influence the Australian NLP Government in its commitment to this community.

Ms Webster has "offered an olive branch" that should be taken up sooner rather than later as the community has spoken, as has the Country, it's time for the work to begin.